CrowdEye Launches

CrowdEye Launches Innovative Real-Time Social Search Engine
 Find out what all the Twitter is about…


Seattle – June 18, 2009 – CrowdEye today unveiled the beta of its innovative real-time social search engine that provides unique views into what people are talking about on Twitter. CrowdEye’s search results provide relevant, interactive ways to keep a pulse on conversations across the web. Results are built upon tweets on all topics, and allow users to understand what topics and links around the web are being most discussed. In addition to viewing raw tweets and links, CrowdEye provides an innovative time-based view that reveals the history of breaking news, and provides one-click access to viewing any search popularity back in time. “Searching social sites like Twitter opens up new roads to innovation”, said Ken Moss, CEO and co-Founder of CrowdEye. “Traditional search is based on web links, but real-time search provides new challenges and opportunities for innovation. Leveraging the amazing social data from platforms like Twitter allows new scenarios to be built that were impossible until recently.CrowdEye’s new real-time, social search provides users:


  • Social search results from Twitter that displays tweets, popular links, and top tags for every search.
  • Historical views to examine how the conversation around a topic has evolved over time.
  • Powerful query language that allows fine-tuning queries to find the exact topic you’re interested in.


CrowdEye is a new, privately funded started located in the Seattle area that was co-founded by Ken and Becca Moss. Ken has a rich history in the search industry after founding, building and running the Bing search technical team for Microsoft for 5 years.

CrowdEye’s beta service is available immediately at Feedback and suggestions are welcome, and can be mailed to:

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4 Responses to “CrowdEye Launches”

  1. courtney benson Says:

    congrads! MUCH SUCCESS. I’m tracking and look forward to learning more. Will tweet this now. @techdom

  2. Rob Angeles Says:

    Awesome! Finally, search for real-time conversations. I will be following you shortly in Twitter and wishing you guys all the best!

  3. Will CrowdEye Be The Next Search Engine Gorilla | Social Media Philippines | Social Media Philippines Says:

    […] I’m pretty excited about putting CrowdEye to use. But what I want to know is what you think about the tool. Do you think it’s going to work for you? You can visit their blog HERE. […]

  4. crowdeye Says:

    Thanks for the support!

    After seeing the response to our beta couldn’t be more excited about the future of CrowdEye and of Real-time, Social, Search.

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