CrowdEye results after 24 hours

Wow — what a day! We at CrowdEye are overwhelmed by the interest in the first day of our beta and thankful for the support and feedback we’ve received.

We wanted to take a second to give a big “Thank You!” to everyone who has taken the time to try some queries on CrowdEye!

We’ve been listening very hard to your feedback, and wanted to return the favor and tell you some of the themes we’ve heard on our first day:


  • Our chart, tag cloud and popular links are definitely popular.  The idea of extracting meaningful data from the tweet stream seems to be a good one.
  • Visitors are discovering how to explore the data we provide by clicking on different chart bars, tag cloud items, and adding filters.
  • Our speed has been appreciated
  • The world is as excited as we are about real-time, social search!


  • A bit more style in our design wouldn’t hurt
  • We had two site issues:  a site outage overnight and low tweet coverage this morning.  Both have been dealt with and the exact errors shouldn’t repeat.  Kudos to Matt and the Twitter API team for help on the latter.
  • Some people wonder if this field is too crowded  (We obviously don’t — and we think there’s a huge opportunity for multiple players to provide differentiating experiences).
  • Some specific areas of relevance need improvement (i.e. low coverage terms and stemming).

Now that we have our v1 beta out, we can’t wait to hear more and participate in this exciting space.  Keep the feedback coming!


6 Responses to “CrowdEye results after 24 hours”

  1. Rob Angeles Says:

    You guys rock!

    I notice that there are certain conversations that I cannot search. For example, I use a certain hash tag #barkada and didn’t return what I am expecting. But maybe you guys are still doing a lot of fine tuning.

    Also, are you planning on expanding the time span filter to allow users set a specific period? I wish I can make a wish list for CrowdEye LOL! Sorry guys, just excited about it

    CrowdEye has a lot of potential in the areas of conversations and content. I’m excited to see the final release.

  2. crowdeye Says:

    Thanks Rob — we really appreciate your trying CrowdEye, and are pumped that you’ve seen some things you like.

    We most definitely are working on expanding coverage of tweets. One feature some people haven’t discovered yet is he ability to filter by clicking on a bar on the time chart. That said — we have lots of ideas for improvements and are listening to our users feedback to help guide us.


  3. Rob Angeles Says:

    Yap! Tried that one and it is awesome! Kudos to you guys! And I’ll be visiting this blog regularly.

  4. damingchao Says:


    I am glad to see another new innovative search engine on real time content collection, filtering, aggregation with other sources, search.

  5. Rebecca Says:

    Shaka to ya! What a great app!

    Have had fun today searching CrowdEye for Governor, gnocchi, Apollo 11, and Oracle of Omaha. Twittered my results:

    Suggestion: Use the green and black of the CrowdEye logo to make the graph a little more dashing.

  6. Sander Schokker Says:

    Dear CrowdEye,

    With compliments for your crowdeye! What a nice search engine and real time results. When can we buy this? Or implementate this nice search engine on websites? For search results within Crowdeye…?

    Well enough ideas and even more solutions…

    Kind regards and lot´s of success with Crowdeye!
    Sander Schokker

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