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CrowdEye Adds Twitter-based Relevance, People Search and News Browsing

September 3, 2009

Seattle – September 3, 2009 – CrowdEye launched a series of updates to its beta service this morning that add to its already unique and innovative Twitter search results.  CrowdEye’s goal is to make Twitter more useful to both consumers and businesses by providing relevant and useful search results and related features by extracting meaning from the massive flow of information contained in Twitter in the form of tweets, retweets, links and, most importantly, people.

In addition to the distinctive time-based and aggregated views launched in June, CrowdEye now uses its new and proprietary CrowdEye Rank to provide relevance to search results, web links, related topics, and news browsing.  “Unlike the web, Twitter is fundamentally a social service,” said CrowdEye’s co-Founder Ken Moss.  “By using CrowdEye Rank as a measure of a person’s influence on Twitter, we were able to build a set of unique and exciting features for our customers.  There is a huge opportunity to advance the state of the art in search and browse by providing true relevance on top of social services like Twitter, and helping our customers actually make use of the phenomenal fire hose of data.”

CrowdEye’s updated service now includes:

  • CrowdEye Rank and Relevance

CrowdEye uses a newly developed influence measurement, CrowdEye Rank, to add relevance throughout the service.  “CrowdEye Rank is to Twitter Search on CrowdEye just as PageRank is to web search on Google” said Moss.

  • People Search and Personalized Follow Suggestions for Twitter users

CrowdEye provides a directory of the top CrowdEye Rank users on Twitter and allows users to look up their own CrowdEye Rank.  In addition, CrowdEye provides a personalized list of follow suggestions for Twitter users to help them greatly increase their discovery of interesting people to follow on Twitter.

  • Deep Twitter integration

One-click access to ReTweet and Follow is now provided throughout CrowdEye with Twitter’s “Sign In With Twitter” functionality to allow users easy access to share more with their friends.

  • Personalized home page for news and saved searches

Looking at the web through the filter of Twitter activity provides a unique view of what people are reading and talking about around the web.  CrowdEye’s new personalized home page allows users to view the most tweeted articles from their favorite news sites, blogs or YouTube, in addition to saving their favorite queries.


CrowdEye is a privately funded started located in the Seattle area that was co-founded by husband and wife Microsoft veterans, Ken and Becca Moss.  Ken has a rich history in the search industry after founding, building and leading the search technical team for Microsoft for 5 years.  CrowdEye continues to weigh options to grow its funding and staff.  CrowdEye is happy to be achieving great leverage from building upon Amazon’s AWS platform, Twitter’s API and Microsoft’s development environment through the BizSpark program.


CrowdEye’s updated beta service is available immediately at  Feedback and suggestions are welcome, and can be mailed to: