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CrowdEye Gets To Play in the Twitter Firehose

March 1, 2010

At CrowdEye we are focused on helping people understand “what all the Twitter is about.”  Today we are excited to announce with Twitter that we have full access to the Twitter Firehose of all tweets.

For a year and a half we have been creating free tools at that help you with that goal.  We launched CrowdEye Rank to help judge the impact of individual people on Twitter.  We have made our default sort be in “Relevance” order in which time, CrowdEye Rank, query match and other factors all interact in our real-time relevance algorithms.  We let you see real-time tag clouds, news stories and volume charts that you can interact with to slice-and-dice the data.  We even dabbled with giving you personalized follow suggestions based on CrowdEye Rank to help you get more out of Twitter.

The biggest negative of our service was clear:  We didn’t have all of the tweets.  When we first embarked on this adventure we did it because we made a bet that Twitter was a company that would stand by its developer community (and, of course, we knew it would grow exponentially!).  We have continued to focus on Twitter since our founding, even in the uncertain times when Google and Microsoft got access to the Firehose and we didn’t.

Today we are rewarded for that patience and that faith in Twitter – and we couldn’t be happier.   CrowdEye has full access to the Twitter Firehose due to today’s commercial licensing agreement with Twitter.  We are now unblocked to move forward our vision of where real-time search is really going.

And we have been moving quickly in anticipation of this event.  We have some announcements to make in the coming days and weeks that will show you more of the direction we are going now that we have the data.  Watch this blog for more announcements, or click here to leave us your email so we can send you developments as they happen.  We are always eager to hear from customers and are super open to potential partners so drop us a tweet: @kenmoss, @CrowdEye or an email.

Twitter is a company under a microscope.  Many other companies decide to take every advantage they think they can get away with to achieve short-term gains.  Please join me in congratulating Twitter on staying true to their developers and focusing on their long-term success.  I am certain that companies like CrowdEye will build on their platform pieces and return far more value back to Twitter.  Twitter deserves huge praise today for taking a risk that will surely make their long-term path even more brilliant.

Now, excuse me, as I get back to playing in this amazing data-filled Firehose!