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CrowdEye Launches Firehose-powered Twitter search with Sentiment, Location and Relevance

April 23, 2010

As we previously announced on March 1, CrowdEye has gotten commercial access to the entire Twitter Firehose.  Today we are excited to announce a totally rebuilt CrowdEye site powered from the twitter Firehose feed with both LOTS more data, and LOTS more features.

Our vision of real-time social search remains the same — to help our users keep their fingers on the pulse of the internet.

To help CrowdEye users achieve that goal, available immediately, we have added some major additions including:

  • Full firehose support of Twitter
  • 14-day fully indexed and searchable archive for both tweets and links with full fidelity of tweets on a chart
  • Sentiment Engine that lets you alter your relevance settings to look for positive or negative tweets on your search term
  • Location Engine that lets you boost tweets from people in particular geographies — even if they didn’t explicitly geocode their tweet.
  • Most popular links by search phrase on the firehose
  • Sort by either Relevance or by Time on the entire feed

This opens up a new world of possible queries like:

  • What are some of the most positive comments about my company/product/team/celebrity yesterday?
  • What are the most relevant tweets in the Los Angeles area about Tiger Woods?
  • What were people saying two weeks ago about the Space Shuttle?
  • What are the top headlines about Google each day for the last two weeks.

We are excited to be able to launch this unique search engine to help the world make better use of the amazing tweets that often get lost in the Twitter backwaters.  We have always believed that Twitter search demands a unique search engine and experience.  Now with the combination of two weeks of full data, location, sentiment and relevance with CrowdEye Rank — we can’t wait to see the new uses that come out of previously hidden data.

At the same time we are always looking ahead to the next release.  Please send us your suggestions for the future to

Thanks for using CrowdEye!

-Ken Moss