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CrowdEye Launches Firehose-powered Twitter search with Sentiment, Location and Relevance

April 23, 2010

As we previously announced on March 1, CrowdEye has gotten commercial access to the entire Twitter Firehose.  Today we are excited to announce a totally rebuilt CrowdEye site powered from the twitter Firehose feed with both LOTS more data, and LOTS more features.

Our vision of real-time social search remains the same — to help our users keep their fingers on the pulse of the internet.

To help CrowdEye users achieve that goal, available immediately, we have added some major additions including:

  • Full firehose support of Twitter
  • 14-day fully indexed and searchable archive for both tweets and links with full fidelity of tweets on a chart
  • Sentiment Engine that lets you alter your relevance settings to look for positive or negative tweets on your search term
  • Location Engine that lets you boost tweets from people in particular geographies — even if they didn’t explicitly geocode their tweet.
  • Most popular links by search phrase on the firehose
  • Sort by either Relevance or by Time on the entire feed

This opens up a new world of possible queries like:

  • What are some of the most positive comments about my company/product/team/celebrity yesterday?
  • What are the most relevant tweets in the Los Angeles area about Tiger Woods?
  • What were people saying two weeks ago about the Space Shuttle?
  • What are the top headlines about Google each day for the last two weeks.

We are excited to be able to launch this unique search engine to help the world make better use of the amazing tweets that often get lost in the Twitter backwaters.  We have always believed that Twitter search demands a unique search engine and experience.  Now with the combination of two weeks of full data, location, sentiment and relevance with CrowdEye Rank — we can’t wait to see the new uses that come out of previously hidden data.

At the same time we are always looking ahead to the next release.  Please send us your suggestions for the future to

Thanks for using CrowdEye!

-Ken Moss


CrowdEye Gets To Play in the Twitter Firehose

March 1, 2010

At CrowdEye we are focused on helping people understand “what all the Twitter is about.”  Today we are excited to announce with Twitter that we have full access to the Twitter Firehose of all tweets.

For a year and a half we have been creating free tools at that help you with that goal.  We launched CrowdEye Rank to help judge the impact of individual people on Twitter.  We have made our default sort be in “Relevance” order in which time, CrowdEye Rank, query match and other factors all interact in our real-time relevance algorithms.  We let you see real-time tag clouds, news stories and volume charts that you can interact with to slice-and-dice the data.  We even dabbled with giving you personalized follow suggestions based on CrowdEye Rank to help you get more out of Twitter.

The biggest negative of our service was clear:  We didn’t have all of the tweets.  When we first embarked on this adventure we did it because we made a bet that Twitter was a company that would stand by its developer community (and, of course, we knew it would grow exponentially!).  We have continued to focus on Twitter since our founding, even in the uncertain times when Google and Microsoft got access to the Firehose and we didn’t.

Today we are rewarded for that patience and that faith in Twitter – and we couldn’t be happier.   CrowdEye has full access to the Twitter Firehose due to today’s commercial licensing agreement with Twitter.  We are now unblocked to move forward our vision of where real-time search is really going.

And we have been moving quickly in anticipation of this event.  We have some announcements to make in the coming days and weeks that will show you more of the direction we are going now that we have the data.  Watch this blog for more announcements, or click here to leave us your email so we can send you developments as they happen.  We are always eager to hear from customers and are super open to potential partners so drop us a tweet: @kenmoss, @CrowdEye or an email.

Twitter is a company under a microscope.  Many other companies decide to take every advantage they think they can get away with to achieve short-term gains.  Please join me in congratulating Twitter on staying true to their developers and focusing on their long-term success.  I am certain that companies like CrowdEye will build on their platform pieces and return far more value back to Twitter.  Twitter deserves huge praise today for taking a risk that will surely make their long-term path even more brilliant.

Now, excuse me, as I get back to playing in this amazing data-filled Firehose!

CrowdEye Gets More Real-Time With the CrowdEye Web and by Integrating Twitter News Feeds

October 9, 2009

October 9, 2009 — CrowdEye is excited to announce two new features that are available immediately at  We are grateful to have seen a dramatic increase in the usage of our service since our last update that added Twitter-based relevance with CrowdEye Rank, People Search and News Browsing, and today we add two more highly requested features:

Real-Time integration of your Twitter news feed into CrowdEye and direct tweeting

In our previous release we added the ability to help you find new people to follow through our Personalized Follow Suggestions and also added ReTweet and Follow functionality directly into CrowdEye. Building on this integration, today’s release will show you the latest updates from the people you follow on Twitter, as well as allowing you to Tweet directly from the CrowdEye homepage.  These two new features, in combination with personal saved searches and top articles from the sites you care about around the web, come together in our new home page and give you a compelling place to create your own custom view of the real-time web.

The CrowdEye Web – a real-time view of the web through the Twitter lens

CrowdEye is focused on helping you keep your finger on the pulse of the real-time web.  The CrowdEye Web is a real-time list of the top sites on the web – as seen through the lens of Twitter.  In addition to seeing the top sites, you can drill into any site and see the top pages being tweeted about right now, and even save them to your CrowdEye homepage to follow often.

For Example: CNN, Mashable, CNet, WSJ, TechCrunch, Search Engine Land

You can even view the top YouTube videos being shared on Twitter in real-time:  YouTube

Your feedback and suggestions are always welcome, and can be mailed to:

Thanks for your support!

CrowdEye Adds Twitter-based Relevance, People Search and News Browsing

September 3, 2009

Seattle – September 3, 2009 – CrowdEye launched a series of updates to its beta service this morning that add to its already unique and innovative Twitter search results.  CrowdEye’s goal is to make Twitter more useful to both consumers and businesses by providing relevant and useful search results and related features by extracting meaning from the massive flow of information contained in Twitter in the form of tweets, retweets, links and, most importantly, people.

In addition to the distinctive time-based and aggregated views launched in June, CrowdEye now uses its new and proprietary CrowdEye Rank to provide relevance to search results, web links, related topics, and news browsing.  “Unlike the web, Twitter is fundamentally a social service,” said CrowdEye’s co-Founder Ken Moss.  “By using CrowdEye Rank as a measure of a person’s influence on Twitter, we were able to build a set of unique and exciting features for our customers.  There is a huge opportunity to advance the state of the art in search and browse by providing true relevance on top of social services like Twitter, and helping our customers actually make use of the phenomenal fire hose of data.”

CrowdEye’s updated service now includes:

  • CrowdEye Rank and Relevance

CrowdEye uses a newly developed influence measurement, CrowdEye Rank, to add relevance throughout the service.  “CrowdEye Rank is to Twitter Search on CrowdEye just as PageRank is to web search on Google” said Moss.

  • People Search and Personalized Follow Suggestions for Twitter users

CrowdEye provides a directory of the top CrowdEye Rank users on Twitter and allows users to look up their own CrowdEye Rank.  In addition, CrowdEye provides a personalized list of follow suggestions for Twitter users to help them greatly increase their discovery of interesting people to follow on Twitter.

  • Deep Twitter integration

One-click access to ReTweet and Follow is now provided throughout CrowdEye with Twitter’s “Sign In With Twitter” functionality to allow users easy access to share more with their friends.

  • Personalized home page for news and saved searches

Looking at the web through the filter of Twitter activity provides a unique view of what people are reading and talking about around the web.  CrowdEye’s new personalized home page allows users to view the most tweeted articles from their favorite news sites, blogs or YouTube, in addition to saving their favorite queries.


CrowdEye is a privately funded started located in the Seattle area that was co-founded by husband and wife Microsoft veterans, Ken and Becca Moss.  Ken has a rich history in the search industry after founding, building and leading the search technical team for Microsoft for 5 years.  CrowdEye continues to weigh options to grow its funding and staff.  CrowdEye is happy to be achieving great leverage from building upon Amazon’s AWS platform, Twitter’s API and Microsoft’s development environment through the BizSpark program.


CrowdEye’s updated beta service is available immediately at  Feedback and suggestions are welcome, and can be mailed to:

CrowdEye says “Thank You” to Twitter, Amazon and Microsoft

July 8, 2009

CrowdEye has certainly gotten more attention than we ever dreamed of for our first Beta.  It’s clear that the world is hungry for *useful* views on the firehose of social data from services like Twitter.

We are busy making changes to our service in response to the feedback and usage patterns we’ve seen — more about that another day, but let me say that we are incredibly excited about the positive and constructive feedback we’ve gotten from you all — please keep it coming.   Boy are we happy to be “in the game,” and we are confident that our future changes will be ones that lots of people will enjoy.

We get asked a lot how we can move so quickly with such a small team, so I wanted to take a moment to answer that question.

The answer is that we are not really a small team — we include in our extended team many big and small companies that provide platform/service components that we make significant use of including:  TwitterAmazon AWSMicrosoft BizSpark and more.

Each of these is very significant in our ability to innovate, and we owe a big “Thank you” to each of them.

Twitter has been a model of openness and customer focus throughout.  We wish that some other companies would follow their model — especially as they see how successful a strategy it has been.

We run our service on Amazon EC2, SimpleDB and S3.  The efficiencies we’ve seen have been tremendous.  I never dreamed I’d be able to work on building such a complex service from the ground up and never even step foot in a data center.

Microsoft’s BizSpark has been equally helpful to us.  We love the .NET platform, Visual Studio, and windows server.  Like any good platform, these tools have enhanced our productivity dramatically while causing almost no problems.

In addition, we have found countless other tools and services that we can take advantage of for free or very cheap including Bing API and LoadStorm.   And, last but not least, we would have been lost without the community of developers that have posted the answer to almost every problem we have encountered on various forums around the web.

If there’s interest, we’ll blog about our use of these platforms in more detail — tell us if you want to hear it!

And once again, a big “Thank You!” from CrowdEye to Twitter, Amazon and Microsoft!

CrowdEye results after 24 hours

June 19, 2009

Wow — what a day! We at CrowdEye are overwhelmed by the interest in the first day of our beta and thankful for the support and feedback we’ve received.

We wanted to take a second to give a big “Thank You!” to everyone who has taken the time to try some queries on CrowdEye!

We’ve been listening very hard to your feedback, and wanted to return the favor and tell you some of the themes we’ve heard on our first day:


  • Our chart, tag cloud and popular links are definitely popular.  The idea of extracting meaningful data from the tweet stream seems to be a good one.
  • Visitors are discovering how to explore the data we provide by clicking on different chart bars, tag cloud items, and adding filters.
  • Our speed has been appreciated
  • The world is as excited as we are about real-time, social search!


  • A bit more style in our design wouldn’t hurt
  • We had two site issues:  a site outage overnight and low tweet coverage this morning.  Both have been dealt with and the exact errors shouldn’t repeat.  Kudos to Matt and the Twitter API team for help on the latter.
  • Some people wonder if this field is too crowded  (We obviously don’t — and we think there’s a huge opportunity for multiple players to provide differentiating experiences).
  • Some specific areas of relevance need improvement (i.e. low coverage terms and stemming).

Now that we have our v1 beta out, we can’t wait to hear more and participate in this exciting space.  Keep the feedback coming!

CrowdEye Launches

June 18, 2009
CrowdEye Launches Innovative Real-Time Social Search Engine
 Find out what all the Twitter is about…


Seattle – June 18, 2009 – CrowdEye today unveiled the beta of its innovative real-time social search engine that provides unique views into what people are talking about on Twitter. CrowdEye’s search results provide relevant, interactive ways to keep a pulse on conversations across the web. Results are built upon tweets on all topics, and allow users to understand what topics and links around the web are being most discussed. In addition to viewing raw tweets and links, CrowdEye provides an innovative time-based view that reveals the history of breaking news, and provides one-click access to viewing any search popularity back in time. “Searching social sites like Twitter opens up new roads to innovation”, said Ken Moss, CEO and co-Founder of CrowdEye. “Traditional search is based on web links, but real-time search provides new challenges and opportunities for innovation. Leveraging the amazing social data from platforms like Twitter allows new scenarios to be built that were impossible until recently.CrowdEye’s new real-time, social search provides users:


  • Social search results from Twitter that displays tweets, popular links, and top tags for every search.
  • Historical views to examine how the conversation around a topic has evolved over time.
  • Powerful query language that allows fine-tuning queries to find the exact topic you’re interested in.


CrowdEye is a new, privately funded started located in the Seattle area that was co-founded by Ken and Becca Moss. Ken has a rich history in the search industry after founding, building and running the Bing search technical team for Microsoft for 5 years.

CrowdEye’s beta service is available immediately at Feedback and suggestions are welcome, and can be mailed to:

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June 10, 2009

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